MUMBAI, IN | MARCH 3rd, 2018

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The Crypto Con will take its first voyage on 3rd March 2018 in Mumbai where a huge number of eminent participants are expected to come at the Asia’s First and Biggest Crypto Currency Event. If you are a digital currency enthusiasts, investors, traders and want to know the unknown then this conference is for you.

The Crypto Con 2018 welcomes you to the Asia’s Biggest Gathering of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Experts from more than 10 countries including United States, Russia and the United Kingdom. It is going to be a unique opportunity to discuss and showcase the recent and upcoming cryptocurrency mining trends while networking with some of the biggest players in the market. 


The world's leading game changers in Blockchain arena, Startups, Investors, and thinkers will be on a common platform at the Asia's First and Biggest Cryptocurrency Event on 3rd March 2018 to share knowledge and discuss the opportunities in a best professional environment.

José Alejandro Regojo Barrón

Core Team

Bitcoin Gold  

Francisco “ArticMine” Cabañas

Core Team


Michael Gord

Founder & CEO

MLG Blockchain Consulting

Michael Yuan

Chief Scientist and Co-founder


Matej Michalko

Founder & President  


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Agenda of The Crypto Con 2018 is straight-forward and futuristic. Eminent speakers from around the globe will present their views on their chosen topic. 

March 3rd 2018:

08:30 hrs – 09:30 hrs : Registration  

09:30 hrs – 09:35 hrs : Welcome Address  

09:35 hrs – 10:00 hrs : Opening Presentation - Digital Currency and Indian Economy-An insider’s insight  

10:00 hrs – 10:25 hrs : Keynote Address - Innovations in the cryptocurrency market: Evolution of fintech  

10:25 hrs – 10:50 hrs : Digital Currency Investments - Finding way in venture capital market  

10:50 hrs – 11:15 hrs : Wallets & Internet - Evolution and challenges with an ever-increasing database  

11:15 hrs – 11:30 hrs : Tea/Coffee Break  

11:30 hrs – 11:55 hrs : Operational Challenges of the Mining segment: Possible pitfall affecting operational functioning and the profitability  

11:55 hrs – 12:20 hrs : Banking and Money transfer operator (MTO): Hindrances in getting them for transactions  

12:20 hrs – 13:10 hrs : Panel Discussion: Regulatory framework – Challenges of increased taxation of profits and Barriers in adoption  

13:10 hrs – 14:00 hrs : Networking Lunch  

14:00 hrs – 14:20 hrs : Special Keynote - ICO Disruption-Is a secure framework ready?  

14:20 hrs – 14:40 hrs : Fireside Chat - Impact on Regular financial Institutions  

14:40 hrs – 15:20 hrs : Panel Discussion - Global Disruption versus Indian growth: How far will we reach by 2020  

15:20 hrs – 16:40 hrs : Tea/Coffee Break  

16:40 hrs – 17:00 hrs : Blockchain driving force and mining issues: Making most of the wave  

17:00 hrs – 17:50 hrs : Panel Discussion - Venture Investment vis-à-vis ICO  

17:50 hrs – 18:00 hrs : Vote of thanks  

18:00 hrs - 20:00 hrs : Networking Dinner  

**Hours and Topics are subject to change. Please check back for updates.



One to One Discussion 

The conference will be a dynamic platform for the Cryptocurrency stakeholders to come together to discover hidden opportunities amongst the attendees. 

Round Table Discussion

You will have an opportunity to sit across a table with peers from your industry in a candid and exclusive setup to discuss specific issues related to Cryptocurrency market trends. This discussion will be chaired by top-notch industry leaders where every participant can contribute while getting a 360-degree view on a decided topic.

Technical Presentations

Notable experts from around the world will deliver technical presentations sharing the experience and expertise gained over the years of working in the Blockchain industry.  

Expert interview

A blazing dialogue session among the industry professionals by asking direct questions and pulling out maximum information on the subject.  

Case Studies

In-depth analyses of Cryptocurrencies which will set benchmarks in global Blockchain industry and carved a nook for the projects.  


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